How OPPA Works

(and how you can get involved)

OPPA is a 501c(6) nonprofit trade organization.

We are entirely volunteer-led, with no paid staff. Everything that happens in OPPA is because a volunteer chose to step up and make it happen.

An 11-member Board of Directors leads the organization, governed by our bylaws and policies.  We hold elections for Directors in October. Most board positions are two-year terms, so about half of the positions are up for election each year. To help ensure continuity of leadership, the Vice President is elected to a three-year term and they automatically move into the President and Immediate Past President roles over the following two years.

Various parts of the organization are managed by teams of folks led by a committee chair. Some of the committee chairs sit on the Board of Directors, while others have no responsibilities beyond their committee.

We’d love to have you help us make OPPA happen. Here are some of the areas in which OPPA is driven by volunteers.

Want to help with something below?  Drop an email to president@oregonppa.org.

Education Team

  • Identifies future programming based on members' interests.
  • Coordinates contracts, event information, and marketing material with speakers.
  • Handles venue and other logistics for in-person events; manages technology for online events.
  • Manages paperwork for PPA Continuing Education approvals and submits for PPA event merits.
  • Promotes OPPA education as a method for growth for OPPA members.

Competition Team

  • Handles venue and other logistics for in-person competitions; manages technology for online competitions.
  • Runs the systems that manage image display and scoring.
  • Coordinates image submission and preparation prior to each competition.
  • Ensures competition results are recorded accurately and that members receive earned points.
  • Facilitates image critiques.
  • Promotes competition as a method of education and growth for OPPA members.

Marketing / Communications Team

  • Oversees the messaging and communications of the organization (internal and external) with a goal of growth for OPPA
  • Manages OPPA's website, social media, and other communication tools
  • Creates graphics and other materials to promote OPPA and events.

Social Team

  • Oversees social events (on their own, or in conjunction with other events)
  • Handles food and beverage service for OPPA events
  • Promotes networking and camaraderie among OPPA members and the greater photo community.

Member Value Team

  • Oversees new member information and welcome
  • Promotes all aspects and benefits of OPPA membership
  • Works to grow active participation in OPPA activities.
  • Handles member registration and renewal logistics.

Finance Team

  • Handles OPPA's bookkeeping for all areas of the organization including memberships, workshops, competitions, social events, and sponsorships.
  • Financial reporting to the Board of Directors

Awards, Points, and Degrees Team

  • Maintains records of OPPA points and degrees.
  • Promotes OPPA awards and degrees programs.
  • Oversees annual awards event.

Bylaws, Rules, and Ethics Team

  • Maintains and reviews OPPA's Bylaws and Policies.
  • Consults with other teams on potential updates to official documents as the organization evolves.
  • Handles any ethics complaints that are received.

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