Points Chart

Here are all of the ways to earn OPPA Points (which lead to OPPA Degrees).   You can view your current points by going to your member profile (click your name at the top of the screen when logged into this website) and you'll find the point totals near the bottom of the page.

Exhibition (Competition) Points

Exhibition points are earned from achievement of individual images in image competition or winning competiton-related awards.

 Competition image scoring 80 or greater 1
 Photographer of the Year Award  2
Category Trophy (OPPA Open) 1
 Best Color Trophy (OPPA Open) 1
 Best Black and White Trophy (OPPA Open) 1
 Division Trophy (Members Only Competitions) 1
 ASP State Elite Award 1
 CPP Award 1

Service Points

Service points are earned through volunteer service to the Association, receiving annual wards, serving as a PPA liaison, or through participation in workshops, mentorship, or service events.

 Attending a workshop or other paid OPPA education event 1
 Attending an OPPA sponsored community service event 1
 Student in OPPA mentorship 1
 Serving as a workshop assistant (class of 8 or more) 1
 OPPA Membership (annually) 1
 PPA Membership (annually) 1
 OPPA President 6
 OPPA Officers & Directors (other than President) 4
 OPPA Committee Chair 3
 OPPA Committee Member 1
 Recipient of Business Excellence Award 1
 Recipient of President's Award 1
 Recipient of PPA National Award 1
 Recipient of Jerry Auker Award 1
 Recipient of Bob & Arlene Welsh Award 1
 PPA ASP Liaison 1
 PPA Councilor 1

Speaking Points

Speaking points are earned through service as a speaker, competition judge, or mentor.

 Mentor in OPPA sanctioned 1:1 mentorship* 2
 Mentor in OPPA sanctioned group mentorship* 1
 Program speaker (6 hours or longer) 2
 Program speaker (less than 6 hours) 1
 Panel speaker 1
 Judge or Jury Chair (full day image competition) 2
 Judge or Jury Chair (less than full day image competition) 1
* maximum of 4 points may be earned for serving as a Mentor in any given mentorship term
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