Everyone is welcome! Members and non-members are welcome to enter, however to win a trophy you must be a member of OPPA. Join here.  This is a great learning opportunity whether you enter the competition, or just attend to watch the judging. In the judging room, watching an image competition is done in silence. However, we use Club79 which is an alternate viewing area where participants gather to watch the event and share experiences in a more social atmosphere. There is no need to suppress your feelings of joy, excitement, or even frustration. If you are frustrated, you can commiserate with your fellow artists. If you do well, you and your friends can celebrate the success. 

Be sure to check OPPA Competition Rules. OPPA strives to use the same rules that PPA uses for the IPC (International Photographic Competition) and Merit Image Reviews. This helps you test your images at the state level before entering these larger competitions.

The registration fee is $12.00/image or album (members) and $20/image or album (non-members). Please go to printcompetition.com and either create or sign into your account in order to participate in the competition. 

Review the OPPA Image Category Description page to select the correct category for your submissions. Participants may enter up to 4 digital images including digital albums.  Please see the Competition Tips page for instructions on how to prepare your digital images.

Eligibility of previously-judged images: The images that have received a score of 80 or above in an OPPA Trifecta Competition are eligible to be “re-judged” at the OPPA Year-End Image Competition. The score received at the Year-End Competition will not change the score received during Trifecta Competitions nor will a second point be given for a score over 80. The re-judged score will be used only for purposes of trophy eligibility.

OPPA awards trophies to the best in each category based on the judges’ determination. Only images that have scored an 80 or above will be eligible for trophies. For a list trophies and awards click here.  Trophies will be awarded at the OPPA Annual Awards Banquet in December.

Note that images previously merited in IPC (International Photographic Competition from 2022 and prior), images that have received a Top 32 designation in any IPC Category or Images selected for the World Cup competition with the exception of the current calendar year, may not be entered, including any image from a merited album.

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