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OPPA Degrees

Degrees are earned by combining a member’s lifetime total of OPPA Points. There are three different types of Points you can earn: competition, speaking, and service. One Exhibition Point is earned for each competition image that scores 80 or above in our quarterly photographic competitions and at the OPPA Open Competition in November. Education Points are earned by attending workshops, seminars or safaris. Service Points are earned in a number of ways such as being a PPA member, serving on the OPPA board, and more.

Find out all about OPPA Points: What's a Point, and How Can I Get Some?

OPPA Associate Fellow of Photography (AFP)

  • Member in good standing for at least 2 years
  • Earned 25 Points with at least 13 Exhibition / Speaking Points and 7 Service Points 
The AFP is represented by a silver-colored medal:

OPPA Fellow of Photography (FP)

  • Member in good standing for at least 2 years
  • Earned 50 Points with at least 25 Exhibition Points and 15 Service Points
  • A 25 Point Silver Bar will be added to the Ribbon for each additional 25 Points earned or awarded after the FP degree is achieved.
The FP is represented by a gold-colored medal:

OPPA Honorary Fellow of Photography (HFP)

  • Awarded for exemplary service to the Association at the discretion of the OPPA Board of Directors
The HFP is represented by a copper-colored medal:

Checking Your Points Status

We’re in the process of updating our points tracking system and hope to eventually have an online report available for members to view their earned points. In the meantime, to verify your points counts, please contact OPPA Awards Chair, Nancy Smithman.

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